The Kentia palm (Howea forsteriana) is very strong, durable and easy to care for. Of the approximately 2000 types of palms, the Kentia is one of the strongest palms for the living room. This is why interior landscape designers like to work with this palm. It has a few unique properties:

  • The Kentia has a low light requirement, so it can thrive in many places.
  • The Kentia is happy in low humidity conditions.
  • It needs relatively little care.
  • The Kentia has a strong air-purifying effect and an elegant appearance.

Light requirement and temperature

Do not place the Kentia in direct sunlight. In nature, these plants are in the shade of larger trees. In any case, avoid direct sunlight on the leaves. The plant does like a light spot, so a shady spot is no problem for a Kentia. In terms of temperature, the Kentia palm has a high tolerance. Temperatures may vary between 10 °C and 35 °C. The optimum temperature is between 20 °C and 25 °C.

Water and nutrition

Watering once a week is usually sufficient. Only during a warm period or fast drying weather with low humidity it is wise to give it some water more often. The potting soil drying out must be prevented. The Kentia is not a fast grower, so repotting is not necessary. There is sufficient basic nutrition in the soil for the first year. After the first year, fertilize a little now and then, but certainly don’t overdo it.


A few more tips:

  • Avoid draughts. Do not place the Kentia near an open door or window.
  • Rinse the plant twice a year with a lukewarm shower to remove dust and give the leaves a fresh appearance.