Hartog Palms is a modern palm nursery, located in De Kwakel. The company is located a short distance from the Aalsmeer flower auction. Since 1990, Hartog Nursery has fully specialised in cultivating the Howea forsteriana, also known as Kentia palm. The Kentia palm is a popular, trendy houseplant known for its long lifespan.

For years, the company has been run by brothers Jacco and Wim Hartog. In 25 years, they have built up extensive experience in cultivating Kentias. As of January 2019, the new owners are Jeroen van Capel and Dirk van Rijn. Jeroen has been associated with the company as business manager since 2014. Jeroen is now in charge of the daily management of the company. After more than twenty years of experience in roses, Dirk has made the switch to the palm nursery. With his experience he will have added value for the company in the field of innovation and operational management. Jacco Hartog will keep an advisory role within the company.

The range is versatile and broad. For each market segment, Kentia palms are produced to meet customer requirements. Large and heavy Kentia palms are our speciality. The nursery is fully adapted for cultivating palms and equipped with double screen cloths and concrete floors. Since 2022, Hartog Palmen has moved to a new location. The new nursery has been modernised to the current requirements with the help of various technical innovations, such as a high-pressure toggle system and plant temperature cameras. There are also several dehumidifiers to make cultivation even more energy efficient. Quality, service, customer focus and sustainability are of paramount importance here. We use biological pest control. Hartog Palms is also affiliated with the MPS eco-label for environmentally friendly cultivation of ornamental plant products and holds the MPS-A and MPS-GAP certificates.

More information:  www.my-mps.com

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